Woman Shamed By Tinder Match For Her Dress Has Become An ASOS Model

One woman has recently had the displeasure of having her outfit insulted via Tinder by someone who should have absolutely kept his mouth shut.

Every now and then when I’m swiping along on Tinder, I see someone pulling a particular face or wearing a particular piece of clothing and I think “wow, what is that?”
But then I also thinking “live and let live” and move on. I’m not trying to paint myself as some really progressive hero or anything, it’s just none of my business and I don’t care.

One man though has a different attitude, and felt completely obliged to tell 20-year-old Thea Chippendale just how much he hated the dress she was wearing in one of her Tinder photos.

Matching with her, he used his first message to tell Thea just how much of a mistake she’d made with her outfit…

God, this is why Bumble exists. Men like him are ruining things for us.

She tweeted the exchange, along with the picture the man was referring to, with the caption “Men are trash”.

Men are trash. (Included the pic he’s on about ?) pic.twitter.com/3pi6NHl0Oy

— Thea Lauryn Chippendale (@theachippendale) April 28, 2019

As you might have suspected, the replies were heavily in Thea’s favour…

But at what point was his opinion asked for?? pic.twitter.com/hVTONtX3ft

— justanotherblackgirlspam???? (@ablackgirlspam) April 28, 2019

“GROW UP” he says to a woman who is clearly confident and self assured. A thinly veiled attempt at compensating for his own issues with self image and status. Sad. pic.twitter.com/MSA7atO8hA

— corincorincorincorinchamelon (@softboiledeggg) April 28, 2019

how do people like this make it through life without getting their teeth knocked out

— jeessss☺️ (@jeesss_) April 28, 2019

I don’t know if his messages were a desperate attempt at “negging” – like he’s just read that awful book The Game – or if he’s just a d*ck, but they’re so out of order and also quite wrong.

Things like fashion are obviously subjective and even if they weren’t, it’s so easy not to say anything; least of all to the person’s face.

Absolutely bizarre behaviour, but she’s had the last laugh, as ASOS caught wind of the post and responded to Thea’s tweet, writing ‘Here’s to finding our perfect match. Thea babe, let’s talk. Check your DMs…’

Soon after, they tweeted a link to the dress, saying ‘Swipe right to see who had the last laugh…’.

@theachippendale Swipe right to see who had the last laugh… https://t.co/CKcqyDk1d9 pic.twitter.com/gkzgoAAfJ5

— ASOS (@ASOS) May 2, 2019

The post also revealed she had been added to their website as one of the models used to advertise the fashion item:

Thea spoke to Insider about the outcome, saying:

‘I’m honestly still in a state of shock. I am so so grateful for ASOS, they’ve managed to turn something that was so negative into something so positive.

I’m also so amazed by how positive the response has been from everyone commenting on the posts, it’s been absolutely incredible!’

He must feel like a right nob.

Images via Twitter

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