These GIFs with Twist Endings Will Make You Say, ‘Hmm, I Was Not Expecting That’

GIFs are the perfect entertainment for today’s average Internet user: they’re clever, hilarious, and usually no more than 12 seconds long, which just so happens to be one second less than the average person’s attention span.

So, instead of doing whatever you should be doing right now, take a few seconds to kick back, relax, and have your mind blown by these 15 twist-ending GIFs.

Believe it or not, #14 will give you the intense desire to use a Porta-Pottie.1. This jiu-jitsu master

via: Reddit

Is it just us or do crash test dummies always seem like they’re up to no good?

We probably should have been expecting the day when they got sick of being our punching bags and decided to rise up against us.

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