Pilot’s Dangerous Mid-Flight Selfies Go Viral, But Turns Out They’re Not As Risky As Many Thought

Brazilian pilot Daniel Centeno appears to have reached new heights with his Pilot’s Dangerous selfie game, hanging out of the cockpit mid-air. But is he really that courageous and are the snaps really that savage?

No. To create his stunning images, Daniel, a.k.a. pilotganso, uses Photoshop – he superimposes an aerial image over a selfie from outside the plane. A few details give this away: Daniel’s hair isn’t blowing against the wind and reflections in his sunglasses are showing an airport runway. Oh, and he said so himself.

That’s right, Daniel admits the images are fake in their captions. “I have to let you know that this photo is fake guys, just in case,” one of them reads. “Photoshop mode ON,” states another. Despite this, numerous people have openly expressed their belief that these selfies were legit.

I mean, people are free to believe what they choose but airline passengers shouldn’t be afraid of their pilots taking photos mid-flight instead of controlling the aircraft.
Over 62K people are following Daniel Centeno’s crazy Instagram feed, full of mid-air selfies.

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