Miley Cyrus Shows Off Intense Body Modification

Miley’s couple of month were tumultuous. Fans were first freaked out after seeing the clumsy skinny images of the star. Afterwards, she was busted for extending close ties with Cody Simpson.
Cyrus finally admitted that he was her boyfriend and the drama continued when she was hospitalized.
And she has to weather the storm of the excruciating breakup with Liam Hemsworth, her husband, on top of other hiccups.
All these tragedies!
Since then, she has been dominating the headlines with the changes in her body.
Cyrus does appear entirely changed……

Liam and Miley was the most popular Hollywood couple

After cherishing a close relationship for nearly a decade, the couple encountered a range of resentments for each other.

They tied the knot finally

Everyone was wrong

She moved on strongly

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