Lucy From ‘The Chronicles Of Narnia’ Has Turned 21 And Looks Incredible

Bookworms of all ages were delighted to see story of The Chronicles of Narnia be made into a live action film in 2005. The epic, enchanting story of good vs evil, written by C.S. Lewis, has captivated readers for over 60 years. Making the movie was no easy task for the special effects department. But before bringing this fantasy life to the big screen, the film studio had to find the perfect actor to play the youngest sibling “Lucy Pevensie.” Lucy represented everything that was pure and innocent. English girl Georgie Henley beat out thousands of other kids to play the coveted role. The casting director, Pippa Hall, knew Georgie was the perfect person to play Lucy after only one audition. Still, Georgie still had to go through the gruelling 18-month process to find out she was the chosen one. Georgie may be all grown-up but she will always be Lucy for fans all over the world.
She prefers to be called Georgie. As a child she joined a local drama group named “Upstagers.”

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