Indian Mom Goes Viral After Son Convinces Her To Put Her Worldly Wisdom On Signs And Share It On IG (30 Pics)

The world really needs more heartwarming people like Poonam Sapra and her son Pranav. Especially in 2020. Together, the mother-son duo from India runs the ‘Mother With Sign’ Instagram page. They post photos of Poonam holding up signs with wholesome, relatable, and humorous motherly advice for living a good, healthy, and happy life.

They started the page 8 months ago and, since then, they’ve gained a whopping 108k followers. What’s more, they even got the attention of the Humans of Bombay IG account that has over 1.1 million avid fans. Poonam and Pranav’s content is nearly universal because the world’s filled with moms who constantly give out helpful advice.

Scroll down, upvote your favorite mom signs, and let us know in the comments which pieces of wisdom you liked the most and why. Bored Panda reached out to both Pranav and his mother Poonam to speak about their wholesome Instagram content. “My son Pranav pitched the idea and said it will be fun. He said everyone’s parents keep telling them what to do, but the kids don’t listen and later realize that they should have. I was skeptical initially, but then thought let’s try it. The first few posts started getting shared a lot. Everyone related with it,” Poonam told us. Read on for the full interview.

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