“How Are Americans This Embarrassing”: 30 People Loving “Breathable” Face Masks On Etsy That Offer No Protection From Covid-19

Ah, the wonderful kind of people who believe that complying with laws and regulations is basically an infringement of their rights. They might support the need for “law and order” in other cases, but not when it comes to masks! They’re dangerous, unnecessary, and basically just another way to control you, you mindless sheep!

All jokes (that aren’t that funny anymore) aside, it probably won’t come as a surprise to learn that anti-maskers have found a new way to anti-mask. Some people who previously refused to wear facial coverings are apparently resorting to wearing “breathable” masks, or, in other words—masks that offer no actual protection from the virus.

“While there are counties requiring masks in public; NO law requires a specific type or particulate rating of mask,” one Twitter user wrote on their social media account. “The general public are making their own masks including open mesh. No fines have been issued while wearing them in public. This is about compliance, not safety,” the person boasted about finding the loophole.

The “breathable” masks, which are made from mesh, tulle, or other porous materials, are being sold on websites such as Etsy. For this reason, many people were angered about such designs being sold by businesses. “Etsy is just blatantly allowing people to sell mesh face masks,” one woman tweeted. “Spread the word, this [crap] shouldn’t be allowed and they are just letting it happen,” they continued. However, despite the public viral tweets and posts, the mesh masks are still available to buy on the website. In a statement sent to the news outlet Insider, an Etsy representative said that the company is trying to “actively review and remove items that violate” its policies.

Nonetheless, customers who actually bought the ineffective masks seem to love them! “Love it! No mask shame wearing these,” one buyer reviewed the product upon sharing a selfie with a see-through face mask made from tulle. Scroll down below to see more of these specimens and tell us what you think about them in the comment section!

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