65 of the internet’s best pranks of all time

61. Lubricating hand gel

After this year’s obsession with hand gel, can you imagine if someone tried this prank? They’ve switched hand gel with lubricating jelly. Stunts like that will land you in prison nowadays.

62. April fool’s bunnies

This person works at a vet hospital and couldn’t resist this April fool’s joke. He placed an Amazon box with a note taped on top in the entrance to his hospital. The note explained that there were bunnies inside that needed a home, – but as it turns out, they were nothing more than edible marshmallow bunnies.

63. Screen of death

It’s always tempting to have a bit of fun with the office intern, which is exactly what this person did:

“My coworker changed our intern’s background to the Blue Screen of Death when he forgot to lock his workstation before taking a bathroom break. Many unnecessary reboots took place before he figured out the ‘problem.’”

64. Pickle succulent

This guy still think that his new plant is a cactus. It’s actually a pickle that is replaced by a new one every 2 days… It’s been like that for 2 weeks now. The question is, who is actually bothering to replace the pickle, and why? It’s funny, but you’ve got to have too much time on your hands for that.

65. Filled the photo frames

And finally, this comedian who worked at TJ Maxx put a picture of himself in every single photo frame. He’s thought his shots out pretty well… not. They’re all the same selfie. The customers will have a great time looking through these frames – he might even help make a sale!

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