65 of the internet’s best pranks of all time

51. Tin surprise

We’re all for a mystery every now and again, but this is plain annoying. Imagine really wanting beans on toast and having to play Russian roulette with your tins every time. You might end up with sliced peaches for all you know.

52. Fake boss

Just what you want to see when the boss is on vacation: a cardboard cutout of him that looks worryingly like the real thing. A guy set this up to fool his coworkers on the first day his boss was supposed to be away. That’d get people panicking like nothing else!

53. Room of balloons

This is one of those pranks within a prank where you’re pranked into thinking you’ve been pranked worse than you actually have. Follow? You’d think there was a room full of balloons behind that door, but they’re actually just taped to the window to give that appearance.

54. Stranger on the toilet

Nope, this isn’t a real person on the toilet – it’s just an artfully arranged combination of clothes. It’s safe to say this guy got the fright of his life when he entered his bathroom in the morning. If you lived with a roommate like this, you’d be scared to turn the lights out at night.

55. Car trouble

You’d think this was the work of an angry fellow motorist, but it’s actually “innocent fun”. According to a comment beneath this post, “This is a common thing fellow employees do when sending off a Trader Joe’s employee that is transferring stores or leaving the company.” Most annoying prank ever!

56. Terrible surprise

If you’ve ever had these mini balls of Kinder goodness, you’ll know what a disappointment this prank would be. Grapes are fine and all, but they’re not a patch on chocolate. You’d be totally fooled for a second, too.

57. Casual library read

If you’ve ever been a college student, you’ll know that finding people asleep in the library is pretty much the norm. What isn’t quite so acceptable, however, is falling asleep with Fifty Shades Of Grey open on the table in front of you. This guy set his sleeping friend up to make it look like he was mid-read when he stopped for a kip

58. Rebel

This person clearly knows what it means to be a rebel in all senses of the word. Writing on the whiteboard with the very color of marker pen he was asked to avoid?! Someone call the police!

59. Gift-wrapped desk

When this guy came back from vacation, he discovered a ginormous present waiting for him in his office… if only the items behind the gift wrapping weren’t all things he already knew all too well. One thing’s for certain, judging by the choice of wrapping paper, he’s certainly a fan of princesses

60. Pizza treat

Let’s face facts, the worst pranks are the ones that involve food. When this guy’s mates said they’d left him a slice of pizza, it was like Christmas had come early. Until, that is, he opened the box and saw this. Yeah, thanks, guys.

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