65 of the internet’s best pranks of all time

41. Car in the house

This man was over the moon to discover that his VW Beetle fits in his home’s den. He asked fellow Redditors what they thought his wife might think of the situation… someone asked him if he was planning to move out, because he’d better get his stuff ready.

42. Mentos ice bombs

If you’ve never seen the Cola and Mentos challenge, search it on YouTube now. Mentos mint candies go off like a fizzy volcano when they come into contact with soda. This person’s friends must have hated them after they put Mento’s ice bombs in their drinks

43. Bike wall

It’s safe to say this person definitely lost the prank war they had going on against their friend. Once your bike gets a wall built around it, there’s not much you can do to rectify the situation. There isn’t even a comeback that matches up to this.

44. Growing keyboard

They do say that keyboards make the perfect environment for growing things – though they usually reference bacteria. In this case, it only takes a warm, slightly dark environment to grow your own keyboard sprouts. Weirdest prank ever

45. Eating “mayo from the jar”

This dad really had his kids fooled into believing he was eating mayonnaise straight from the jar. Little did they know that it was actually delicious creamy pudding. Who’s the real winner now?

46. “Staff” picture

Want an easy way to get demoted? Hang a picture of Kim Jong Un on the staff picture wall… right next to your boss. Yep, this’d go down well.

47. Krispy… veg?

You know your day’s going well when you receive a surprise delivery of Krispy Kremes straight to your office… and then you receive the shock of your life in the form of raw veggies. There’s literally nothing in here worth eating! You’d never look at a Krispy Kreme the same way again.

48. Spider horror

This person’s evil genius of a son cut a paper spider out and taped it inside his mom’s lampshade. Dad says he’s never been more proud. Mom, on the other hand, probably kicked them both out for the night.

49. Self-portrait

Now this is how to win a prank war! This man’s friend snuck a heinous portrait of him into a charity auction that he was attending. The best part is, it actually sold for $200. Must be weird to know that some random stranger now has a portrait of yourself as a chubby fancy man of the past in their home.

50. Watch the door

We’ve got another don’t-open-the-door-too-wide scenario here. You’re seeing that right – it’s a pin sticky-taped to the door and a strategically placed balloon right behind it. It’s safe to say it didn’t take long for the balloon to pop, and according to the pranker, the person in question “screamed louder than the pop”.

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