65 of the internet’s best pranks of all time

31. Full truck

Packing peanuts have one obvious use to most of us… but to pranksters, their uses are endless. This person’s truck ended up filled with packing peanuts, and we’d hedge to say he’d been pranked. Poor guy – you can’t even drive with that amount of foam covering the windshield.

32. Gym prank

It would be wrong to say that every single person who goes to the gym is self-obsessed, but you could say that every single self-obsessed person goes to the gym. Obviously, mirrors can’t ever be out of order, but this gym wants people to focus on the important stuff. Like actually working out.

33. Birdseed desk

If you’re the sort of person who enjoys your desk to be bare except for a notepad and a computer, you’ll hate this prank. The best solution here is to probably bring in several birds to eat the seed. Although that could quickly lead to a different sort of mess to have to clean…

34. Layered prank in one

Here’s a way to really mess with someone’s mind. If you were really hungry and expecting Chinese food, would you really be happy with an iPhone? But at the same time, would you not be deeply disappointed to discover it was Chinese food after all?

35. Packing peanut explosion

It’s another “the coworker went on vacation” type of prank, and this one involves packing peanuts. The goal? Make as much mess as possible, of course. Months later, he’ll still be able to find the odd white foam thing on his desk space.

36. Mustard cupcake

What sort of monster would do this?! If you think mustard is the food of the devil, you’d be devastated to bite into a sweet cupcake to discover what the yellow frosting actually was. What a waste of a perfectly edible cupcake.

37. Fish cake

Tip: don’t go to a seafood restaurant to celebrate your birthday. Or maybe don’t go to this seafood restaurant for your birthday. Not unless you want to get served a raw fish with a candle in it as your “cake”.

38. $20 fail

Why any stranger would go around leaving fake $20 bills under keyboards is a mystery to everyone. Imagine the pain of thinking you’d struck lucky, only to find a printed troll face instead. One word: misery.

39. Fat rat

Now, giving the rat on these photos a good, long look, it’s easy to confirm that it’s fake. But if you walked in the door to have it right in your face, you’d scream before you realized what you were seeing. Horrible prank if you’re not a rat fan!

40. “Air freshener”

This practical joker took things to the next level when they took the label off an air freshener and wrapped it around a can of shrimp-scented bait spray. Imagine attempting to improve your home’s smell, only to make it massively worse. This’d linger for weeks, too.

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