65 of the internet’s best pranks of all time

21. Toxic waste cubicle

Looking for a way to make your colleague’s cubicle look like the least appealing place on earth? This should do it. There’s nothing like returning to work to find your desk space has been turned into a “chemical storage area”

22. Sticky situation

Here’s a classic April fool’s prank: sticky tape in place of toilet roll. I mean, no one’s going to believe for a second that this is toilet paper, but you’re kinda screwed if you’ve already sat down and got started before realizing. Suppose it’s ideal for anyone who wants to wipe and wax at the same time.

23. College prank

Going to college is the perfect opportunity to meet friends for life… and get pranked. These college guys decided to shrink wrap their buddy’s car while he was parked outside his dorm. Best hope he’s not running late for lectures tomorrow morning.

24. Car disguise

Imagine being certain that you parked your car in a certain location, only to return and not be able to find it… then discover it’s been disguised as a giant gerbil. Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions. It almost seems a shame to get the snow off, though – it’s kinda cute.

25. Pranking the neighbor

This person knew that her neighbor’s birthday was coming up, so she prepared a little surprise for her while she was at work. In case your eyesight isn’t that good, the sign reads “Happy 37th birthday Sandra! You almost ole’ buzzard. Oof, these two must really know each other well for her to get away with this.

26. Bacon mouse

This prank seems innocent enough until you actually picture the scenario: someone sits down at the desk and splats their hand down on their computer mouse without looking first. The result? Greasy bacon fingers. It could be worse – at least they get to eat the bacon

27. Cute keyboard

This guy’s office mates decided his keyboard was looking a little plain. So, with his tastes in mind, they thought long and hard about how they could improve it for him while he was away. Eventually, they decided on the most adorable upgrade ever. Perfect… for an 8-year-old girl.

28. Jello stapler

You don’t need a stapler for 364 days of the year, but you can guarantee that the one day you will need it, you won’t be able to find it. Or, in this guy’s case, you’ll find it inside some Jello. Thanks to The Office, this prank won’t ever get old.

29. Rubberband phone

Want to use the office phone? You’ve got to get through 37841700 layers of rubber bands first. The annoying thing about this prank is that the rubber bands go both ways, so there’s no simple removal method.

30. Balloon’in around

Yet another classic office prank is the old balloon trick. You wait until your coworker heads off on vacation, then proceed to fill their cubicle with balloons. Secure everything with cling film, and voila. Alternatively, this is a pretty extra way to celebrate somebody’s birthday.

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