45 Photoshop “Requests” Taken Literally That Will Have You Laughing Out Loud

Photoshop may be a fairly controversial topic generally. Whereas it may generally be used appropriately and moderately, it can be abused at different occasions. Excessive face-tuning, physique re-shaping, and extra occur within the movie star world, however, what occurs if you take these extremes and… intensify them much more?

Enter James Fridman, the hilarious Photoshop professional who takes his abilities to an entire new degree. He’s earned fairly a following for himself on the web and for good purpose — his photographs are hilarious.

Submit your request through Fb or Twitter. Need to be taller? Need to clear one thing up within the background? Not an issue. James will get proper again to you with probably the most good resolution. Or, most literal resolution.

Watch out what you want for.

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