40 Cursed Cakes From “Cakes With Threatening Auras”

They say that a picture’s worth a thousand words. Well, some cakes are worth a thousand nightmares. Cakes are usually midnight-snack-fuel, but the Cakes With Threatening Auras Twitter shows us that they can be nightmare-fuel, too.

Scroll down, upvote the cursed cakes you liked the most, and let us know in the comments what the worst cake you’ve ever seen in your life was. Just make sure you’re not eating anything while you’re enjoying this list. I might have choked on my croissant when I saw some of these baked fails.

The Cakes With Threatening Auras Twitter account has more than 141k followers who came for the hilariously bad cakes and stay for the delicious(ly insidious) content. Meanwhile, in order to learn more about what not to do when baking cakes and where the line between good and bad cakes is, Bored Panda reached out to talented Canadian cake maker and designer Darci, founder of Kake by Darci. Scroll down for our interview with her.



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