30 times karma got a little carried away

21. Let us present you with: a door-less car

We’ve heard of people stealing the wheels off a bike, but never before have we seen the doors stolen from a car before. We wonder what this person did to end up in this situation? Let’s hope it was the summertime.

22. The heaviest glass known to man

The only thing worse than a broken glass, is a broken sink and a broken glass. Either this sink is made of polystyrene, or that’s one heavy glass. What a nightmare!

23. We’ve all been there

Is it safe to assume that we’ve all accidentally poured a drink into an upside-down glass, or are we just clumsy? We can relate to this situation oh-too-well, and while the mess is a pain to clean, the worst thing has to be losing our breakfast smoothie. If this is what being healthy is, then we quit.

24. Spot the snake

Imagining sitting down on the toilet and finding a snake in your underwear? This person surely must have felt something wriggling around in there. Get your minds out of the gutter everyone.

25. Of all the days to leave your sunroof open

In all honesty, we’re questioning why this person’s sunroof was even open in the first place. If the weather is cold enough for it to snow, then it’s certainly not sunroof weather. We’re guessing they learnt their lesson pretty quickly when they came back to a car full of snow.

26. Two in one day

A broken shoe and a snapping key first thing in the morning is a sure-fire way to ruin your mood for the rest of the day. What are the chances of everything going wrong at the same time? If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

27. They made a grave mistake

This person was leisurely riding their bike when they realized that the pavement was a little on the soft side. The abandoned bike and the footprints walking away are enough to tell the story. We think this is a hilarious piece of art!

28. A potential tire thief?

We can’t figure out if this guy is picking up the tire to help, or whether we’re about to have a chase on our hands. One of our worst nightmares is having our car wheel literally fall off in the middle of the road. No one could be prepared for that.

29. He thought he could make it

We love the classic “befuddled human” pose that this man has adopted. The one hand on the hip and the other holding the phone is universal for, “I f****d up.” That’s going to take some work to get out of there.

30. Absolute chaos

This person decided to cook their spaghetti in the most erratic way that we’ve ever seen, so we’re not surprised that the whole thing set on fire. We’ll give them credit for attempting to cook a meal from scratch, but maybe next time they should watch a YouTube tutorial or two.

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