30 times karma got a little carried away

11. Who knew snow was that heavy?

This person made the mistake of leaving their car under a very heavily snow-topped tree/roof/giant snowball, and sadly for them, this was the car that they returned to. Anyone who had been hit in the face with a snowball knows just how heavy snow can be, but did we know that it could dent a car roof? Absolutely not!

12. The ATM shut down at the worst possible time

The man who took this photo had just put his card in the machine when it oh-so-helpfully began to shut down. We’re not too confident that he’ll be getting his card back anytime soon. This thing just screams “dodgy ATM” to us.

13. The most depressing photo ever

This person suffered a tragic loss, and we don’t believe that any amount of bad behaviour would make anyone deserving of such a feat. What’s worse, is that they only managed to take one bite of it before the whole thing fell. Cheese side down, naturally.

14. An Eggcellent mistake

We’re pretty certain that a mistake of this level would be enough for someone to lose their job- but we think cleaning this up would be enough of a punishment! This takes the meaning of “clumsy” to a whole new level

15. “Had to call maintenance to get out.”

Is there anything more embarrassing than getting trapped in your own apartment? What was the delivery driver thinking? UPS has a lot of explaining to do…

16. The most pathetic watermelon

Who knew that if a watermelon isn’t perfectly ripe, it looks like this? Ah well, at least 1/6th of this watermelon won’t go to waste. You could just eat the rest, and pretend it was a honeydew melon.

17. Every kid’s worst nightmare

Is there anything worse than being trapped in a classroom? This poor child is going to need some counselling sessions to deal with the trauma of the door handle snapping off and leaving them inside. What a nightmare.

18. A horrible mistake to fix, but great news for the fish

We’re so impressed that the fish has remained alive and in its bowl that we almost wouldn’t be too mad about this situation. That is until you begin to think about how to get the bowl back into the upright position. Maybe just accept your fate, and cut a hole in the top?

19. The worst possible parking spot

Where is this water coming from? We’ll never know. But what we do know, is the poor person getting into the driver’s seat is going to be absolutely flooded with water. Maybe it’s best to get in from the back?

20. Patience is the key

When your iPod is disabled for the equivalent of 16,871 days, 554 months, or 46.2 years, it might be time to give in and buy a new one. How did this person even get into this situation? (This seems to be a recurring question that we ask ourselves as we scroll through these pictures).

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