18 People Who Learned About Karma the Hard Way

Head to a far flung forest, jerks will still not spare you. There is nothing worthwhile in the world than the dawn of Karma in your favor and doing the trick for you.
Encountering these is next to retrieving a $100 from the pocket of an old jacket.


You bet, he would have avenged


A classical case for you not to shun people for the parking slot, especially if they later call you in for an interview.


Let the fun begin



Justice seeks an eye for an eye. This lad is well-versed in dispensing righteousness and attacking with clothes.

Why these lines again?


He violated parking rules and was met with a striking karma. To be honest, I have done this quite a few times and will learn the lesson now from this guy.

The mug



Skateboarders will be raged after finding him in the public. Hope, he is forgiven because of his mighty stature and physique.

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