12 Most Emotionally Disturbing Scientific Experiments In History That Were Truly Shocking

Humanity is indebted to Science for with out it life-saving discoveries wouldn’t be attainable. Sadly, science has additionally been misused for nefarious experiments that do nothing for the higher good besides present a outcome equally sinister in the applying. On one hand, we have now the likes of Edward Jenner who invented vaccination after which we have now those that invented the instrument of destruction, the atom bomb. Listed here are 12 of probably the most disturbing scientific experiments in historical past.

Glow-In-The-Darkish Pigs

A bizarre experiment was performed by the South China Agricultural College in 2013. Embryos of piglets were injected with DNA from jellyfish produced what the scientists claimed as piglets that glow in the darkish. Additionally they claimed that the well being and lifespan of the animals were not affected. The aim of the experiment was to make use of the darkish pigs to check new medicine for producing cheaper remedy for human consumption.

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