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    Kendall Jenner Mocked For Wearing ‘Tiniest String Bikini In The World’

    Kendall Jenner is no stranger to a bit of online controversy. From poorly planned Pepsi ads to more than her fair share of cultural appropriation claims, to some pretty outrageous outfits, Kendall is basically never out of the headlines. But now, she has caused a stir amongst her fans for her latest swimwear choice, which has left very little to the […] More

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    Teen Makes Unexpected Confession Under Anesthesia

    One of the most common questions about anesthesia is whether it will make you confess your deepest secrets. While anesthesia doesn’t make you spill the beans, it can make for a funny video when you decide to be a little too honest.  This video featuring a love-struck teen in a dentist’s office shows how that […] More

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    70 photoshop fails people noticed immediately

    There are a lot of perfectly legitimate reasons to use Photoshop. There’s a great example in this slideshow where someone should have used it to get rid of a naked man in the background. That’s a good, legitimate reason. But there are also so many advertisements that use Photoshop to create unrealistic standards for human […] More

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    65 of the internet’s best pranks of all time

    The internet is a really hilarious place to be sometimes. One minute, you’re scrolling away rather aimlessly, and the next, you’ve come across a prank that has you in stitches. If you think you’ve ever been the subject of a bad prank before, just wait until you see these ones. You’ll soon decide to let […] More

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